Technique of Miniature Paintings :-

The Base Material :- Paintings are created on superior quality hand-made paper. To differentiate handmade paper from its ordinary counterpart, look for the surface of handmade paper which is comparatively rough and appears old whereas machine – produced paper is smoother and shining.

Natural Colour :- There are normally Six natural original colours used nowadays. These are indigo (purple), iron oxide (red), ochre (dusky yellow), zinc (white), carbon (black), and raw sienna (yellow tan). Other colors such as thore (?? ) derived from malachite and lapis have become too costly & difficult to produce.

Details :- Figures are anatomically correct and special attention is given to other details such as flowers, leaves, feathers and architecture.

Background :- Shading and art lines of the paintings are clear.

Facial expression & balance :- Care is taken to the details to make them look attractive, clear and special.

Number of Figures :- Several finely formed miniature figures in a small area requires very special skill.

Overall Product l :- Range and combination of colours, application of gold or silver make the product a real piece of art.

Subject: of Traditional Painting

Spectacular view of Lake Palace and village life.

Marriage Procession Scenes, local animals and birds , flora and fauna provide very real scene for creation for the artists.

A Royal Marriage Procession is a very good and likable subject for Miniature painting. Here three most common yet important animals are used which signifies the following:
Elephant – Good Luck, from Jaipur
Camel – Love , from Jaisalmer
Horse – Power , from Udaipur

These three important factors are good and necessary omen for successful marriage ceremony. The Ladies at the wedding wear colorful and gold laced traditional clothes. and decorate their hands with Mehendi ,designs made with heena. They also wear many items of gold jewelry. This sort of wedding is very traditional and unique cultural heritage of India.

Also are the subjects like : Lovers, Rajasthani Lovers in Palace, Radha – Krishna Paintings with fine and varied background work.

Mythological Paintings – Shiva, Ganesh (Elephant God), Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Vishnu – Lakshmi, Hanuman (Monkey God), Vishwakarma (God of Architecture), Saraswati ( Goddess of learning and knowledge), etc.

Portraits – Royal & traditional

Tiger hutting scene - Royal family tiger hunting scene

Wall Paintings – These are painted directly on the walls. Painting on the ceiling is done in square feet and on the border with running feet.

Glass Work – Design on the glass, on the walls and many more.

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